Streets Of Project

This is my Streets of Project. Inspired by the 1970’s song Streets of London, these images were actually taken in various cities/towns in the West Yorkshire conurbation and highlight the homelessness problem that is not just restricted to major urban areas, but is perhaps most obvious in them.

The intention of this project is not to exploit these people, but maybe to use these images to highlight the issue and possibly provoke a response in people’s hearts.

It is my intention that if any of these images, for whatever reason generate any income, that that income will be directed to a homeless charity of some sort, it is not my intention to profit from the plight of these people.

I have spoken to many of the people who have found themselves in this situation during the compilation of this project and I hope to produce a calendar on redbubble which will provide a timely reminder of the plight of the homeless and beyond that I am not sure where this will lead me.

All I know its that one Saturday night/Sunday morning I did not get much sleep as I felt God’s prompting to use my photography skills to some advantage of a practical nature after weeks and months of realising that in today’s supposedly civilised society, we still have people sleeping rough or using the services of charities like the Big Issue to earn a meagre living.

Look and be moved. But more than this, ask what can you do to help?


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