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Life in the City (A photojournalistic project of everyday activities in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire).

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On this page you can begin to explore some of my Photography and PhotoArt.

I have been taking photographs since I was 16 when I purchased my first serious camera, an Olympus OM20 with standard 50mm lens. It was aperture priority with built in manual, a bonus as the more popular OM10 had to have an additional adaptor attached to it to access the manual mode. There was none of this all singing all dancing every mode you can think of under the sun in those days, you made your choice, aperture priority, shutter priority or completely manual and purchased accordingly.

I went digital in 2005 sticking with Olympus and their 3/4 models in the form of an OM420. Using it primarily in AP mode ore manual. In 2014 (December) I plunged into the world of Canon photography. Mainly because the lenses and accessories are so much cheaper than the rarer equivalents of the Olympus range. SO now I use a EOS 70D with two kit zoom lenses, fairly standard fair, an 10-18mm wide angle zoom, which I think is my favourite lens of all time and a prime 40mm lens all canon.

I post most of my work onto REDBUBBLE a site from which I have made a number of sales and it provides a community of other artists all contributing and encouraging each other.