The Bible Project

Do you get loads of emails from various sites that you may have visited on;y once or twice and you end up entering your email to register with them and either inadvertently or knowingly end up subscribing to a regular email drop? They come daily, weekly, sometimes just irregularly and when these drop into your in-box you think “ah I haven’t seen anything from you for a while”, or, “err, what’s that?” 

I find these things at times a little irrritating, but then I suspect that me just growing up into a grumpy old man.

Anyway, most too the time I end up just going through my emails, because I have dozens of these things landing in my in-box, mostly from American Christian organisations but a few British ones too, and I find I have become de-sensitised to their message or the reason I originally signed up to receive the emails in the first place.

Even those from extremely well respected organisations such as Ravi Zacharias International Ministries or William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith site two excellent sources of apologetics material and probably the world two leading Christian Applogisits alive (heavy hint here, if you want to learn more about why you believe what you believe click on those two links). I still suffer from the syndrome of “familiarity breeding contempt”.

Sometimes it’s just that I don’t have time in my rush here rush there life. The emails come in, and invariably they get ignored or deleted. There is also an issue I have (not a big one mind you, but an issue all the same), with the way that some of these emails ape the world titles like 

  • “the best five ways to keep your congregation engaged”, 
  • “the top seven things pastors should avoid” or 
  • “5 Emotional Intelligence Hacks That Can Immediately Improve Your Leadership”, 

It is all a bit worldy and it’s all a bit “how to win friends and influence people” for my liking, but hey, I digress!
So why this post? I don’t want to come accross as though I am just having a bit of a moan (grumpy old man style) .

What I have realised is that amongst the things that I assign to the dross file, there are a few gems and I think I found one today! Some of you might already have found this but for those of you like me who pretty much live with their proverbial heads in the ground I encourage you to take a look at “The Bible Project”.

Now those astute users of the internet will have realised that that last bit is not a link, which would have been the sensible thing for me to give you given I am encouraging you to take a look at their work. They do have a website and I provide that link for you at the bottom of the page. However the Bible Project is predominantly on YouTube And you can get to their video’s here; The Bible Project. I checked out thir Job video and it is good. There is other stuff on there too that I will let you explore on your own but let me encourage you to take a look and perhaps share with friends, family and people who you are talking to about your faith and about Jesus.

I hope you enjoy!

Homepage of The Bible Project