Art in Photography


Art. What is it? I have no formal training as an artist but i know what I like and what I don’t and through the years that I have pursued photography as my passion in life, (or at least one of them) I have come to the conclusion that Art is anything that provokes a reaction inside of us. Be it a negative one or a positive one.

So is this image art?

Well maybe the title I have given it will automatically make suggestions in your mind as to what this image actually is a picture off, but then you would be surprised as to what this image actually is.

If you have the time, take a few minutes to study it and tell me in the comments below what it makes you think of, what it provokes in your inner being what you think of it.

I took the original image on my Canon 70D
ISO 5000
Focal Length of Lens: 200.0mm
Evaluative metering

I processed it in Adobe Camera RAW reducing the clarity and adjusting the black point to darken the image.

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