Image Transformations

It may be that I am a frustrated artist, it may be that I am simply too lazy to learn a new skill, It may be that I simply do not have the skill to create stunning oil and water colour images from scratch.

What I do have however is the desire to be more “arty” with my photography and so I create mostly for my own pleasure the illusion of paintings.

Depending on the image I will either go for a watercolour or oil painting effect, although on the whole I think the oil painting effect is more obvious. Also I tend to lean towards the more impressionistic finish, maybe this is because it distinguishes itself from the ‘reality’ of a photo so much more.  But thee are examples on this site of some of the transformations that I have done. and there are examples below. A particular service that I offer is to do oil/watercolour transformations of pets. They are so much part of family life and on occasion especially if they have shuffled off their mortal coil, it is nice to have a keepsake that you can have to remind you of cherished moments with your pouch, pussycat or even bird?

Just drop me a line and we can discuss your requirements further.



One aspect of this transformation process is that it can make a mundane and otherwise useless image have a lease of life compared to if it remained a simple photograph.

Thank you for looking.