My name is Glen and I would like to give you a warm welcome to my site. This is something of a variation for me as previously I have used a number of site forms but mainly traditional sites attempting to showcase the best of my photography and PhotoArt type work. Whilst I have found them fun to do as a semi-pro/serious hobbiest in the world of photography they were perhaps not the best form of site for me to host.

While the desire is always to showcase my work in the hope that someone will like it enough to purchase a print or two, I have found that I have enjoyed much more success in this particular field by using third party sites such as Redbubble, my current favourite and one which offers not only the ability to sell work in a wide variety of formats, but also to be part of an artistic community. So I shall provide links to my work in that fashion and use this site both for my photography and to indulge my other passion, writing.

I tend to write mostly about lessons that I have learned from my experience as a Christian and from reading my Bible, something that I should really do a lot more than I do at present. So I decided to go to WordPress, one of the leading blog sites on the Internet and give that a whirl.

I will see how this goes, but hopefully having now mapped my domain www.allenart.co.uk to this site the best of both worlds is now open to me as I seek to learn the intricacies of this site.

Please feel free to contact me as I offer a number of photographic services a major one being the conversion of your much loved images into oil painting effects or watercolour effect, indeed almost any artistic effect that takes your fancy. My prices are reasonable and negotiable depending upon the job and the likely work that each individual job entails.

So please keep coming back and enjoy!

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