I am not the worlds biggest fan of American rock. I prefer the stuff that I was brought up on good ol’ British stuff. and not necessarily just rock my musical interest spans almost all genres and I have everything from Beethoven, (who by the way wrote the best ever piece of music in his 9th Symphony), to Paul McCartney and Wings, ELO, Coldplay, with a healthy dose of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice in for good measure.

But I digress. Other than Meatloaf, and who can’t help but like a bit of Meatloaf, I have not ventured much into Americano music.

But this band, discovered on UCB1 with the sublime track Brother has had me listening to them almost constantly for the past 18 months. and like most good musicians, their music, as good as the studio stuff is, gets an extra dimension when they play live: Please take the time to let me introduce you to NEEDTOBREATHE. <- Click the link!

A gospel rock band that is not overtly gospel in their lyrics playing songs that show their struggles simply as human beings trying to do something that they love. After having a listen to them I encourage you to search them out, using your favorite search engine and discover more about them.

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