Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday.

The beginning of Holy Week. Probably the most important week in the Christian calendar. Nay, the most important week in the Christian Calendar. This week we, as believers, should focus our attentions on the things that Christ did for us both on the run up to the events of Maundy Thursday and the events thereafter.

They are events that changed the world forever. Events that to all intents and purposes started on what we call Christmas Day. The day that God became incarnate and was born of Mary. Without Christmas there is no Easter. Without Easter there is no hope. It is through the events of that Passover festival that you and I can become Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. Can I challenge you, and myself, to meditate on that over the coming days.

God, the only God that created the heavens, the starry hosts, the whole of the material world and set the time machine in motion allows us to become Sons and Daughters of Yahweh.

If I am honest it blows my mind. Especially if I think hard about it. “For God so loved the world…………..”

Me a sinner not even aware of my state of sinfulness to begin with until God in His grace shone the light of His Holy Spirit on my sinful nature and showed me my rebellious nature. A nature that I still struggle with today, but one that I have the confidence in Him to know that through His love and grace is changing slowly, maybe, and much slower than it should be changing, but changing it is.

And why?

All because of what Jesus His one and only Son did on the Cross. But even more than that, not only what He did on the cross but what, through His righteousness he was able to do on that Resurrection Sunday morning and rise from the dead. The Passover began to “pass over” on that day because no longer was the blood of lambs required to solve the sin question. Jesus had done it and all we have to do is accept His free gift of salvation by trusting in Him and becoming Sons and Daughters of the Most High God!

Thank God for this time that we erroneously call Easter. It’s not Easter it is the true Passover. It is Resurrection Sunday It is after all salvation for all of mankind!

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